This is a review of Tunnell Construction and our roofing job for the Flemings in the Bangs and Brownwood Lake, Texas area.

I want to say that Curt Tunnell is a wonderful person, and his crew he has is OUTSTANDING. We had hail damage in August, 2012. The minute it started, I started texting Tunnell Construction, and the first thing Curt said is WE GOT YA COVERED. He told us to call the insurance company and start a claim so we did that, and, in a week, we had an adjuster come out to check everything. They told us they will only cover one side of the house, and we are thinking this is not going to work. We called Tunnell Construction back, and Curt said call the insurance company and get the adjuster back out here. This time, Curt came out at the same time as the adjuster, and he showed the adjuster where all the dents were. We called back to the insurance company and let them know what was going on. They said we will have a check ASAP.

A couple of weeks later, Tunnell Construction came out and put a brand new metal roof on in one day. It was wonderful! About a week later, it started raining, and we could hear dripping in our fireplace. We called Curt and told him. He said he’d send a guy out in the morning, but that same evening one of his workers came out while it was pouring down rain, climbed up on the ladder, and started looking for the problem. He found it was nothing caused by them when they put the roof on. It was something on the fireplace, and they went ahead and fixed it at no charge. They have a wonderful crew at Tunnell Construction, and we would NOT have anyone else.

Roofing Before and After

-The Flemings

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