This is a review of our house painting work for Lori Chastain. She lives in Early, Texas.

I have known Curt throughout the years in different capacities, and, in each one, I have been very impressed. Curt and his crew painted the outside of my home this year, and it turned out BEAUTIFUL. I have people stop as they are driving by and remark at what a great job they did. I agree and am so proud of how it turned out. They never questioned my ideas during the whole process and yet were all so helpful when I asked for their opinions. It was nice to actually work with home improvement crews who did what they said they would and showed up when they were expected. I know Curt has several companies right now, and I work for him under the foster agency. Even in that capacity, I have experienced nothing but the best. He is not only there for the children but also for the foster parents which is rare. Curt is a stand up guy, and I am blessed to be able to call him my contractor, my friend, and my employer. But, most of all, he is just a decent guy who always stands up for the ‘little guy’ and is someone I know I can count on. I am proud to know him and his family.


-Lori Chastain

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