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Water damage can occur anytime in any home or business. All affected areas, including floor coverings, structural materials, and crawl spaces, should be inspected immediately by a knowledgeable professional. Any existing or standing water must be extracted promptly to reduce the possibility of secondary structural damage and/or mold. After extraction, the structure must be thoroughly dried with the proper equipment, monitoring tools, and microbial to prevent mold growth, moisture damage to the structure, and moisture damage to contents within the structure. Many property owners attempt to remove the water themselves, believing if exposed areas feel “dry to the touch” the damage is gone. Without the proper equipment and monitoring tools, it is impossible to determine the amount of moisture remaining within the structure. The professionals at Tunnell Construction utilize the latest in equipment and technology to provide proper drying and the highest quality of services.


The composition of smoke depends on the nature of the burning fuel and the conditions of combustion. Fires burning with lack of oxygen produce a significantly wider palette of compounds, many of them toxic acids. Smoke particles embed themselves in the material fibers of structures and soft goods. You must determine the fuel source of the fire to begin treating the smoke damage with proper agents. If not properly treated, smoke damage can cause permanent damage. With the use of thermal foggers and chemical agents, the smoke particles can be neutralized to reduce the effects of smoke. Tunnell Construction also offers full pack-out services to evaluate, inventory, pack and clean smoke damaged contents.


Water leaks and intermittent discharge of water that occur over a period of time may often lead to mold. Tiny mold spores can potentially cause allergic reactions such as irritation of skin, eyes, sore throat, and runny nose to name a few. Once mold has established, it can be quite troublesome to eliminate. To address possible mold concerns, an IAQ (indoor air quality) test should be conducted to establish a protocol for mold remediation. Using the latest in technology and equipment such as air scrubbers and dry ice blasting, Tunnell Construction will establish containment of the affected structure area and address mold spores and contaminated air particles.


Common and uncommon odors may be detected in any home or structure. Although most odors last for a short period of time, some odors can cause a structure to become uninhabitable. First, the source of the odor must be identified and removed. After removing the odor source, odors can be addressed with the use of masking agents and pairing agents. The use of a masking agent, such as an air freshener, is only a short-term solution for an odor problem. A permanent solution for odor is the use of a pairing agent, which bonds to the odor molecule and alters the molecules chemical structure. With the use of proper equipment, appropriate chemicals can be applied to odor molecules and neutralize the odor. Tunnell Construction will identify the problem and provide the best solution for you.


When disaster strikes, it may render damage to the contents of your home or business. In some situations, your contents may not be damaged, but need to be removed and stored for structural repairs. At Tunnell Construction our professionals will evaluate, inventory, pack, and move your belongings to a safe and secure site for professional cleaning and storage, until repairs have been made to your home or business. If your contents have been damaged by smoke, fire, or water, we will attempt to save everything possible and restore it to pre-loss condition with the use of specialized cleaning techniques conducted by a professionally trained staff.


Damage caused by fire can be a very emotional experience, causing structural damage to your home or business, with the possibility of losing personal belongings and priceless heirlooms. When fire burns, it causes a chemical reaction, and acidic smoke embeds itself into common household surfaces and the structure itself. With the use of proper chemicals and proven techniques, Tunnell Construction will address the damages to your home or business, removing and evaluating debris, eliminating odors with proven techniques, and addressing damaged contents. With years of insurance adjusting experience, we will coordinate with your insurance company to address and resolve all issues pertaining to the loss.

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