I found the right Consutruction Company: Customer Testimonial

In April of 2006 I moved to Mills County to enjoy my retirement years.  I purchased a home built in approximately 1915, and shortly realized that it was in relatively poor condition; uninsulated, and susceptible to fire, insects, and wind.
During the next 7 years, I ran up two power bills of  bills of $500.00 each, once during a hot summer, and again in a cold winter.  I had  a window blown clear into the living room by a high wind, and almost lost my home twice to grass fires; being saved both times by my next door neighbor’s bulldozer cutting a fire line in front of the flames.
I began to search for a better home, and finally settled on a steel-framed home for it’s fire and wind resistance.  That company erected the steel framework, the roof, and the outer walls.
As the crew packed up, I began to search for local companies already familiar with steel-framed homes, but could find none who could complete my home with the features I desired, for a price I could afford.
I followed  up on local radio and newspaper ads, and interviewed several groups of people who professed to have experience and equipment necessary to complete my home.  I declined all offers for being too expensive or for not having the appropriate experience and the necessary equipment.
Eventually, my girlfriend told me of an area family she had come into contact with that consisted of very nice adults and children, and her co-workers said they were in the construction business!
I went to the Tunnell Construction office one day at about 5PM, and saw no less than eight, well-maintained trucks with the Tunnell Construction sign on the door.
Inside the office were friendly, helpful, and upbeat employees who promised to come out very soon to give me an estimate on turning my steel shell of a house, into a turn-key home.  We had a deal!
After laying dormant for two months my house began to suddenly come to life.  The Tunnel crews began arriving, and  I found they were skilled, well-equipped with appropriate equipment, and showed a remarkable degree of professionalism.
A supervisor many of you know; Josh Stevens, came by the site early in the morning, and again in the evening, carefully scrutinizing what the crew had done that day, and not leaving without my complete approval.
Any issues regarding appearance, quality control, and materials were addressed on the spot.  The few changes or improvements exceeded my expectations, and all work was completed by professional workmen and supervisors who were not satisfied until I was completely happy.
My home is looking better every day.
I would hire Tunnell again in a minute.


This story first appeared on www.brownwoodnews.com HERE back in June, 2014.

The Early Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting at Tunnell Construction & Roofing to announce the opening of their new office at 716 Main Street in Blanket.  Tunnell Construction & Roofing is locally owned by Curt Tunnell and his wife Jamie.

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This story first appeared on www.brownwoodnews.com HERE in June, 2014.

The Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting on May 22 for Tunnell Construction and Roofing to welcome them as the newest members of the Chamber.

Tunnell Construction and Roofing is a locally owned and operated business that offers a wide range of services.   Continue reading


This originally appeared on www.texansunited.com:

We mentioned last week that May is National Foster Care Month. Tunnell Construction is committed to caring for children even fostering children in their homes. So, in honor of that, Tunnell Construction and Caring Hearts for Children are teaming up to honor the folks that go the extra mile to make sure children don’t fall through the cracks.

We asked Justin and Amanda Gowin, foster parents since 2006, to answer some questions about what it means to be a foster parent. Justin is the Director of Roofing at Tunnell Construction.

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Originally published on www.TexansUnited.com:

We’ve told you over and over about how awesome the team at Tunnell Construction truly is; we’ve told you that they will tackle just about whatever you throw at them. But, what we haven’t mentioned yet is how big their hearts are. Continue reading


This article originally appeared on www.TexansUnited.com:

With the Texas summer coming up, electricity bills are sure to increase, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some new energy efficient windows and/or doors to help keep electricity bills down? Or, maybe you need some new flooring? Or gutters for the stormy season that we’re heading into?  Or maybe you’d like a new deck for entertaining this summer? Wouldn’t we all?

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This is a review of our house painting work for Lori Chastain. She lives in Early, Texas.

I have known Curt throughout the years in different capacities, and, in each one, I have been very impressed. Curt and his crew painted the outside of my home this year, and it turned out BEAUTIFUL. I have people stop as they are driving by and remark at what a great job they did. Continue reading


This testimonial comes from Martha Cottrell. We did a kitchen remodel for her in Comanche, Texas.

I am very happy to recommend Tunnell Construction. Tunnell Construction came highly recommended to me, and I was not disappointed.

Tunnell Construction remodeled my kitchen area, including laying quarry tile, repairing and reconstructing the ceiling area, installing backsplash, rewiring for lighting, and painting.

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