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We mentioned last week that May is National Foster Care Month. Tunnell Construction is committed to caring for children even fostering children in their homes. So, in honor of that, Tunnell Construction and Caring Hearts for Children are teaming up to honor the folks that go the extra mile to make sure children don’t fall through the cracks.

We asked Justin and Amanda Gowin, foster parents since 2006, to answer some questions about what it means to be a foster parent. Justin is the Director of Roofing at Tunnell Construction.

Caring For ChildrenQ.) What made you decide to become a foster parent?

            A.) It is hard to say that Justin and I became foster parents for just one reason.  The first reason we got started is because it meant that I could stay home with our then three small children and give back to others that were in need at the same time. We started with one foster child and bonded to her right away. Soon, her brother came to live with us, and it was beyond amazing the lessons we learned about life, love, family, pain, loss, and bravery. So, we started for a simple reason but remained in foster care for a big reason: to love the sometimes unloved and unwanted.

Q.) How many years have you been a foster parent?

      A.) We started fostering in 2006 and adopted three children.

Q.) What is the best thing about being a foster parent?

      A.) The best thing about being a foster parent is seeing a success story, meaning that the children are returned back with their families.

Q.) How many children have you cared for over the years?

       A.) We have had one teenager and 16 small children.

5.  Do you have any funny or memorable stories you can share?

            A.) We have stories of potty training, having four children in diapers all at the same time!  Also eating meals with 8 children is always a chore and the never ending LAUNDRY!  Oh, and realizing that we needed a bigger car when all the car seats would not fit in one car.

Thanks to the Gowin family for the job that they do with children.

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